You Have Been Prayed For… PROVERBS 16:3

Hallelujah, praise the living God for another day to pray for you all and be used by Him. My question to you this morning is, what is in your Plans?

  • Do you have plans for this weekend?
  • Do you have a 5 year or more plan at work?
  • Do you have a plan for your diet or fitness goals?

Now for the big question, what about your eternity?

Proverbs 16:3 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

Commit your works to the Lord
And your plans will be established.


Heavenly Father, by the power of the Holy Spirit, through and by Your Son Jesus Your servant prays.  Praise You for softness and gentleness in dealing with our hard hearts.  Bless You, for being patient with our stubborn ways.  Humble us, Lord.  Show us the areas of our lives that we are not committing to You and place desire within us to change.  Your servant prayers for all of Your sons and daughters to walk in Your Light.  In Jesus’ Name, amen.  

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2 thoughts on “You Have Been Prayed For… PROVERBS 16:3

  1. Thank you Matthew! Change can be so hard at times. But, when we allow humility, praise, submission be greater than we , it comes a little easier. All through and by our great God! ❤️
    Always praying, Patricia.

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  2. This is not a good view but an excellent view of mankind God’s chosen starting with the Israelite exiting Egypt have been shown

    I we and I find ourselves walking through the valley of temptation yea though I may trip and sometime even fall the Holy and Might Spirit of GOD

    The Helper, The Holy Spirit that Jesus gave us when he ascended to Heaven. Is faithful to reach out and steady us and yes even lift us back up from the fall. Oh how forgiving, How compassionate how wonderful it is.Yes how He provides the example that Jesus Himself lead by in His guidance to us.

    Yes I am unworthy but yet I am adopted into this wonderful Holy Family

    Hoe sweet that soft voice counseling is sounds even when the rebel within us rises He softens is even then

    How much effort will I give?

    I can only do my best knowing He will provide the wisdom, strength, and endurance to achieve what He will have me achieve in His plan. Through this I will be able to make my plan through His guidance

    Even that plan is eliding me a lot of the time

    But one thing is for sure

    These daily prays from you Matthew have greatly increase my profit to the kingdom in support and encouragement

    Yes I thank you so very much for the daily effort you personally put into these prayers

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