You Have Been Prayed For… LAMENTATIONS 3:40

Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.  Of course I borrow this wonderful opening from Paul.  As I look over Philippians 1:3-4 it also provides exactly how and what I feel for all of you.  “3 I give thanks to my God for every remembrance of you, 4 always praying with joy for all of you in my every prayer” [PHI 1:3-4 CSB]

Lamentations 3:40 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

40 Let us examine and probe our ways,
And let us return to the Lord.

Abba, Our Heavenly Father, Creator of life, how great and awesome is Your lovingkindness.
Help us to examine how we are conducting ourselves and make the appropriate changes to align with Your will. I pray that we sincerely take inventory with Your guidance and wisdom to become aware of areas that require a change. I pray that once You make known to us our wrongs that You would also place in our hearts the desire to improve, to grow in our relationships with You, and to fully surrender to your overwhelming love. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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