05/22/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 12

On this day I am grateful for dreams and goals.  I love having something to chase, moving towards a better me, and making improvements on myself.  While I am currently in this state of uncertainty I am working on my calmness and ability to relax.  I am taking actionable steps each day as it pertains to increasing my human capital, social network, tangible and marketable skills, and working on my faith and meditation practices.  I have the goal of becoming more balanced in all aspects of life.  I tend to be stuck in the extremes and now have a goal of living in moderation.  I have the goal of enjoying more of the present vs chasing a future or running away from a past.  Clearly this is no easy task, but the journey is a welcomed one.  If anyone out there has experience to offer or would like to either have my support for their journey or support me on mine please drop me a line.  Until next time, peace in abundance.

Published by HearUsJesus

Grateful Christian. Anything you enjoy here please give the glory and thanks to God, all writing is Spirit led.

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