05/24/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 14 (Final Day)

This is the last day of my gratitude challenge but I do not plan on stop being grateful…I simple won’t be using this platform to record and journal my every day reflections.  For this final entry I was going to write only about my gratitude for mothers, but on my way into work I realize I am actually grateful for everything.  That might sound ridiculous, but when I was soul searching in the car I realized that there is something to be learned in all things.  Why many times it is hard to remove the emotion tied to the events, the events themselves have something to teach us.   I have learned so much in the last 30 days alone.  From seeing loved ones losing loved ones, from constantly challenging myself to search for deeper meaning, trying to accomplish so much in so little time.  I feel like perhaps I was finally awoken to the world around me.  I wish I could have experienced this at a younger age.  If only we could control our timelines.  If I had this thirst for knowledge and self improvement in my high school years my life would have taken a drastically different path.  But that is the case with every choice we make, if you believe in free will, and as we continue on our path we must stay focused on what is and will serve us most fully.  Question everyday what it is that we want.  What is are true calling.  By asking these questions and being mindful the answers will come, but we must be patient.  Thanks to all of you that have touched my life.  I am eternally grateful for all of the experiences to date and welcome those to come.  Peace in abundance.

So my original entry was going to be on mothers.  I am so amazed by this relationship and when I drop my expectations of what the relationship should be to my mind I can see it for its true beauty.  It is the definition of love, at least the worldly definition of love.  I see this not only in my own mother, but in almost all mothers I encounter.  Please show appreciation not only to your mother but all who play this role.  It is not an easy one and demands so much, yet they continue on with love, joy, compassion, and a true sense of giving.  Nobody is perfect, but if we are giving out first place ribbons mine is reserved for my mother.

05/23/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 13

This is my second to last gratitude challenge that I will be posting on a normal cadence, but I am keeping a BAGELS daily journal that will contain my feelings and thoughts of gratitude daily.  For those of you that are not familiar with BAGEL journaling:

  • B: Behavior – What behavior did you have yesterday and how did that work out for you?
  • A: Attitude – What attitude did you have yesterday and did it serve you?
  • G: Goals – What goals do you have for yourself today?  Work, Family, Spiritual etc?
  • E: Evaluation – I grade my previous day here and give reasons for the grade.  I have yet to have an A day but I did get a B+…I am a very hard self critic.
  • L: Lessons – What lessons did you learn from the previous day?
  • S: Success – What success did you have yesterday, did you complete the goals you set for yourself, did you win the day?

So my gratitude from yesterday and this morning is about new starts, new days, and the resets.  I am happy that we do not have to live in our past, that we have our present day and our futures still in front of us.  If yesterday did not work out so well, learn from it, refuse to repeat it, and set your focus on your goals.  The windshield is large and the rear view mirror is small…this is not a coincidence.

05/22/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 12

On this day I am grateful for dreams and goals.  I love having something to chase, moving towards a better me, and making improvements on myself.  While I am currently in this state of uncertainty I am working on my calmness and ability to relax.  I am taking actionable steps each day as it pertains to increasing my human capital, social network, tangible and marketable skills, and working on my faith and meditation practices.  I have the goal of becoming more balanced in all aspects of life.  I tend to be stuck in the extremes and now have a goal of living in moderation.  I have the goal of enjoying more of the present vs chasing a future or running away from a past.  Clearly this is no easy task, but the journey is a welcomed one.  If anyone out there has experience to offer or would like to either have my support for their journey or support me on mine please drop me a line.  Until next time, peace in abundance.

05/21/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 11

Today on this raining Monday as I write of my focused gratitude from the Sunday that just passed, I can say that silence is something I am very grateful for.  I had a lot of time to myself and while I did not fully take advantage of my time it was good for me to do some soul searching.  I did both physical and mental decluttering which was hard but needed and resulted in exhaustion and a midday nap.  After waking I felt new and refreshed.  I am grateful that I can enjoy the silence.  I know many that struggle with being alone but it is very important we become comfortable with ourselves so that others can become comfortable with us as well.

05/20/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 10

My gratitude journal is getting more difficult as the days progress and perhaps that is the point.  Anything is easy if you only need to do it once or a few times.  It is the routine and creating of a new habit that takes the real effort.  Yesterday I went to a wake, which is plenty of reason alone to be grateful that I have another day.  Sadly the wake was for a co-workers younger son, 32 I believe, and this co-worker is like my office mother.  She is nothing but light, love, and joy.  When I embraced her at the funeral home I wept, and I lost control of my emotions as I felt the sorrow of this loss.  I suppose I am grateful that I can be there for someone else.  I like to give and to help someone that is in a moment of need.  It puts things into perspective for me which I all to often lose sight of.  The exercise for today will be to give and judge nothing that occurs.  These are part of my morning meditation with Deepak.  Give & Judge Nothing That Occurs

If you need a reset I suggest giving this 11 minute guided meditation a shot with an open heart and mind.  Peace in abundance!

05/19/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 9

I have gratitude for pain, for the sour, and for the hardship.  For without these things, the pleasure, sweet, and achievements would not be as meaningful.  I want to bring attention to the fact that we all need a struggle.  There is a need to achieve and to have a goal.  I believe that once people achieve all they set out to accomplish they become lost.  The person that attains wealth and fame and then commits suicide because they are still unhappy and realize that they have it all but still have this feeling of emptiness is very real and it breaks my heart.  Therefore today’s focus is on enjoying my journey and embracing the struggle.  And once I hit milestones or reach a piece of the goal I will celebrate like Kool & The Gang! Celebration

05/18/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 8

I am grateful on this day for the sun.  It might sound sappy but I am in such a better mood when I see the sun and feel its warmth.  There is no need for me to dredge on about it, but perhaps we all need to stop from time to time to appreciate the most simple of things and be grateful for them.  Without the sun we would all perish.

05/17/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 7

I want to share my gratitude today on the topic of forgiveness.  While I am not always the best with this one I am very grateful of the act of forgiving.  I do my best on this, but like most things if not all I have room to grow.  Holding onto things hurts you or myself more than the other person.  I have heard it once that you are allowing the hurt to stay in your head or heart rent free.  I think that is a good way to look at it.  Holding onto hurt or any negative feelings simply do not serve us.  Help someone you love to let go of the pain and to forgive.  Let them know it is for them and not for the other.  We cannot continue to grow if we are holding on to the past.  I make it my mission today to forgive all past hurts today and to apologize for holding on.

05/16/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 6

I am so grateful for music.  It has the power to change moods in seconds.  I cannot imagine a world without music.  I think back to the movie The Shawshank Redemption when the main character Andy locks himself in the wardens office and plays a record that costs him time in the hole.  He makes a comment that he was not alone in the hole, but that he was with that voice.  He was with that music and it only took a few minutes of listening to a song for it to stay with him for days.  I also would like to share the quote that music is life, this is why are heart has a beat.  I am not sure the exact quote of who it is credited to, but it certainly puts a smile on my face.  Peace and love to all!