01/20/2017 – Thoughts on Double Standards

Why is it that we hold a standard for others and yet we fail to hold ourselves to it?  This question crosses my mind daily when I see people doing things, acting in ways, or saying something they would attack if done by someone else.  The whole do unto others philosophy goes right out theContinue reading “01/20/2017 – Thoughts on Double Standards”

01/12/2017 – Thoughts on Coaching

Have you ever wondered why …? I had this thought on my way into the office today, “Why do so many of our goals fail to materialize?”  As I thought deeper on this subject I realized it was obviously more than a single reason behind this pattern of failure.  There is the problem of aContinue reading “01/12/2017 – Thoughts on Coaching”

10/22/2016 – John Wooden…Where Have I Been?

So I was introduced to John Wooden and his greatness on a Tony Robbins podcast that played an older interview Tony had with John.  To say I was amazed would not do it justice.  This humble old man was spitting out profound knowledge that captivated me immediately.  To be honest, it is nothing I haven’tContinue reading “10/22/2016 – John Wooden…Where Have I Been?”