John Wooden Pyramid of Success Series – Competitive Greatness (15 of 15)

We made it to the top of the pyramid of success! Think about effort, drive, and determination. Think about doing your very best at each step of our journey. Today’s brick of success, Competitive Greatness, is about doing just that, doing our very best. It is not about winning or doing what is required to win, butContinue reading “John Wooden Pyramid of Success Series – Competitive Greatness (15 of 15)”

07/29/2017 – Lessons Learned

If there is one thing I have learned this past week and since starting a new job with a new company is the need to plan.  Both plan building, creating, developing etc and the execution of the plan is vital to achieving success.  Ben Franklin wrote it long ago, “If you fail to plan, youContinue reading “07/29/2017 – Lessons Learned”

07/22/2017 – The Current Me

Yesterday, Friday the 21st of July, marked the end of the first week in my new role.  To say it was a bit of culture shock would be a gross understatement.  Coming from a 4 billion plus global industry giant to an up and coming 4 million dollar start-up environment was nothing I was preparedContinue reading “07/22/2017 – The Current Me”

06/28/2017 – SalesforceZen

I wanted to create a business that would approach salesforce and sales methodologies with the zen mindset.  Find or name the essential and remove the rest.  Too many times I see an overly complicated sales process which can frustrate the sales team which trickles up and results in a negative culture in the company.  WithContinue reading “06/28/2017 – SalesforceZen”

05/01/2017 – Repost “The Stoic Entrepreneur’s 7 Maxims of Personal Growth”

JULY 18, 2016 Philosophy’s absence from the business world is a crucial mistake. By and large ignored by popular culture and forgotten by the media, modern philosophy has been delegated to the classrooms by its own doing. Rather than adapting to the times, modern philosophers have retreated into an ivory tower of abstract intellectualism andContinue reading “05/01/2017 – Repost “The Stoic Entrepreneur’s 7 Maxims of Personal Growth””