05/01/2017 – Repost “The Stoic Entrepreneur’s 7 Maxims of Personal Growth”

JULY 18, 2016 Philosophy’s absence from the business world is a crucial mistake. By and large ignored by popular culture and forgotten by the media, modern philosophy has been delegated to the classrooms by its own doing. Rather than adapting to the times, modern philosophers have retreated into an ivory tower of abstract intellectualism andContinue reading “05/01/2017 – Repost “The Stoic Entrepreneur’s 7 Maxims of Personal Growth””

04/26/2017 – Resisting Influence by Philip Zimbardo

This was too good not to share on a post to my blog for easy access.  Thank you so much for the work you did on this book and throughout your career Prof. Zimbardo! Find more information here – Lucifer Effect Prepared by Philip Zimbardo and Cindy X. Wang A Ten-Step Program to Build Resistance andContinue reading “04/26/2017 – Resisting Influence by Philip Zimbardo”

04/25/2017 – Emitting Foul Odors in Public

I think one of the most contemptible offenses someone can commit is going into public smelling like a construction site porta potty.  It is not that I lack sympathy for those with medical conditions, living in poverty, or, that for reasons outside their control cannot maintain good personal hygiene.   But for all of the restContinue reading “04/25/2017 – Emitting Foul Odors in Public”

The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters Advanced Training Strategy for Natties by Christian Thibaudeau | 01/27/17

Let me say before we get started that this is a copy paste from T-Nation.  I simply dropped it here to read with less Ads and distractions, and to keep it for myself as an easy place to pull it up. If you want to see the original check it here – Original Blog The NumberContinue reading “The Best Damn Workout Plan For Natural Lifters Advanced Training Strategy for Natties by Christian Thibaudeau | 01/27/17”


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04/06/2017 – Thoughts on Perception

Thought exercise time: When did you first hear of the company that you work for? How did you become familiar with this company? What were your initial thoughts, feelings, and what did you associate with the industry in which this company belongs to? Now think about: What do you want the above to be todayContinue reading “04/06/2017 – Thoughts on Perception”

04/04/2017 – Thoughts on Goals

There is a lot of information about goals out there.  I personally think you need to take pieces from all the different ideas and sources on goals and achieving them and create what is meaningful to you.  For me, the easiest way to think setting and achieving any goal is as follows: Set the goal –Continue reading “04/04/2017 – Thoughts on Goals”

04/03/2017 – Thoughts on Being a Brain Coach

Today I listened to an interview on a podcast with Jim Kwik & Christine Hassler.  The focus of the interview/discussion was around what Jim is known for, Kwik learning.  This includes getting into how to learn, memory, and focus.  I thought it was a good short introduction to these topics and provided enough value that I wantedContinue reading “04/03/2017 – Thoughts on Being a Brain Coach”