Bible Reading 2022

This year in 55 days I read the entire Bible. Fastest personally for me. Learned a great deal seeing it in a collapsed time frame. When I am low He lifts me up. Praise the Lord.

Old Testament

Genesis x2

Exodus x2

Leviticus x2

Numbers x2

Deuteronomy x2

Joshua x2

Judges x2

Ruth x2

1 Samuel x2

2 Samuel x2

1 Kings x2

2 Kings x2

1 Chronicles x2

2 Chronicles x2

Ezra x2

Nehemiah x2

Esther x2

Job x2

Psalms x12

Proverbs x12

Ecclesiastes x2

Song of Solomon x2

Isaiah x2

Jeremiah x2

Lamentations x2

Ezekiel x2

Daniel x2

Hosea x2

Joel x2

Amos x2

Obadiah x2

Jonah x2

Micah x2

Nahum x2

Habakkuk x2

Zephaniah x2

Haggai x2

Zechariah x2

Malachi x2

New Testament

Matthew x3

Mark x3

Luke x12

John x3

Acts x3

Romans x3

1 Corinthians x3

2 Corinthians x3

Galatians x3

Ephesians x3

Philippians x3

Colossians x3

1 Thessalonians x3

2 Thessalonians x3

1 Timothy x3

2 Timothy x3

Titus x3

Philemon x3

Hebrews x3

James x3

1 Peter x3

2 Peter x3

1 John x3

2 John x3

3 John x3

Jude x4

Revelation x3

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Grateful Christian. Anything you enjoy here please give the glory and thanks to God, all writing is Spirit led.

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