Prayer From The Past … François Fénelon – SURRENDER

I pray that this historic prayer will touch you and bring you closer to Him.


My God, I want to give myself to you. Give me the courage to do this. My spirit within me sighs after you. Strengthen my will. Take me. If I don’t have the strength to give You everything, then draw me by the sweetness of Your love. Lord, who do I belong to, if not to You? What a horror to belong to myself and to my passions! Help me to find all my happiness in You, for there is no happiness outside of You.
Why am I afraid to break out of my chains? Do the things of this world mean more to me than You? Am I afraid to give myself to You? What a mistake! It is not even I who would give myself to You, but You who would give Yourself to me. Take my heart.
What joy it is to be with You, to be quiet so that I might hear Your voice! Feed me and teach me out of Your depths. Oh God, You only make me love You. Why should I fear to give You everything and draw close to You? To be left to the world is more frightening than this! Your mercy can overcome any obstacle. I am unworthy of You, but I can become a miracle of Your grace.

If this prayer blessed you or brought you peace, please share this with someone in need.

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Grateful Christian. Anything you enjoy here please give the glory and thanks to God, all writing is Spirit led.

One thought on “Prayer From The Past … François Fénelon – SURRENDER

  1. Yes, that prayer blessed me! It reminds of of the fleeting moments I have of Him who breaks through my tough shell (spirit), He wanting to bless me, and me running ! Ty Matthew♥️🙏🏻

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