You Have Been Prayed For… 2 CORINTHIANS 13:8

Hallelujah, praise the living God for another day to pray for you all and be used by Him. Today I offer these lines from Saint Augustine.

“I cannot pretend I am not pleased by praise; but I am more delighted to have declared the truth than to be praised for it. If I were given the choice of being universally admired, though mad or wholly wrong, or of being universally abused, though steadfast and utterly certain in possessing the truth, I see which I should choose.”

2 Corinthians 13:8 New American Standard Bible (NASB)

For we cannot do anything against the truth, but only for the truth.

Heavenly Father, in the name of our Lord Jesus, Your servant praises and thanks You.  Praise You, for truth, wisdom, and Your perfectly ordered design. May we always be rejoicing in Your greatness and the grace that all enjoy. Let us boast only in You, the giver of all good gifts and the perfecter of our faith. Help us to see the world is only full of false treasure that is not lasting and that we should strive after You and heavenly things and truth above all. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

If this prayer blessed you or brought you peace, please share this with someone in need.

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5 thoughts on “You Have Been Prayed For… 2 CORINTHIANS 13:8

  1. I love St. Augustine’s comment. Anything but truth brings with it, a shadow of denial and guilt. Until we open our eyes to the truth, that shadow follows and the guilt convicts. Praise the Lord of our salvation for shining His light of truth, removing the shadow and replacing our guilt with joy! Hallelujah!

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