MARK – Chapter by Chapter Analysis

Verses 16-45

Passage:  MARK 1:16-45 Calling the Disciples, And Miracle Accounts (Demons Cast Out & Healings)                      
Date:  2021

  1. What is the main subject?  Jesus’ early ministry and the calling of the first disciples and recounting of a few of His many miracles.
  2. Who are the main people? Jesus, Simon, Andrew, James, John, evil spirits, Peter (Simons) mother in law, an unnamed leper,
  3. What does it say about Christ?  He is from Nazareth, He is the Holy One of God, He called the disciples…they did not come to Him, but answer the call and followed. He can perform miracles. He can command evil spirits.
  4. What is the key or main verse?  I would suggest v. 38 as it states His purpose, at least the purpose for that time and place (He *said to them, “Let’s go somewhere else to the towns nearby, so that I may also preach there; for this is why I came.”)
  5. What is the central lesson?  Jesus is truly the Son of God because no one else can perform miracles.
  6. What are the main promises?  I will make you fishers of men.
  7. What are the main commands? v. 43-44 Jesus warned the leper sternly. “See that you say nothing to anyone”… clearly nobody can follow this command as the overwhelming joy cannot be contained.
  8. What error should I avoid? I should avoid NOT having enough faith to allow the works of Christ to change me.
  9. What example is here?  The healings come when the leper was holding to faith in our Lord.
  10. What do I need most in this chapter to apply to my life today?  Be willing to FOLLOW HIM.

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