Prayer Tips: Proper use of PROVERBS

In Gordon D. Fee & Douglas Stuart’s Book How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth, I found another gem too good not to share.  All credit to these writers for the hard work they put into this book.


In chapter 12 of the above-mentioned book, the authors explain nine (9) rules that can help in understanding Proverbs.  They are as follows: (for a deeper explanation I suggest reading the entire book, but ask in the comments and I will share more thoughts)

  1. Proverbs are often parabolic (i.e., figurative, pointing beyond themselves).
  2. Proverbs are intensely practical, not theoretically theological.
  3. Proverbs are worded to be memorable, not technically precise.
  4. Proverbs are not designed to support selfish behavior — Just the opposite!
  5. Proverbs strongly reflecting ancient culture may need sensible “translation” so as not to lose their meaning.
  6. Proverbs are not guarantees (Frank Turek uses the word Promises) from God but poetic guidelines for good behavior.
  7. Proverbs may use highly specific language, exaggeration, or any of a variety of literary techniques to make their point.
  8. Proverbs give good advice for wise approaches to certain aspects of life but are not exhaustive in their coverage.
  9. Wrongly used, proverbs may justify crass, materialistic lifestyle.  rightly used, proverbs will provide practical advice for daily living.



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