2018 Books Completed

This list of books compiles those I finish in the year 2018 – Outside of this list I will be reading the Bible cover to cover.

User Story


1.  User-Story-Mapping which I highly suggest to those in product or project management, developer, business analyst, UI or UX designers.  It is full of great tips and case studies to support the information.  I will certainly be reading this one again to pull out all I highlighted and possibly blog about certain topics and ideas that will help more people in this space.






2.  Discipline-Equals-Freedom-Field-Manual I am very pleased with this one.  Has loads of information that I already knew but it is so dumbed down and direct that it makes you feel so worthless if you do not get after it and do what you know you should.  This is one to return to often for motivation when you have lost yours.  However, If I could only read one of Jocko’s books it would be Extreme Ownership.  That is in my top 10 for sure.



7 principles of PS.jpg


3.  The Seven Principles of Professional Services – Great book and another one that will be a reference for continued growth and learning.  Hits on many things we all know, but struggle to put into practice…much like the majority of things in life.  Main points here are shared understanding and shared definitions.  Balance, focus, and discipline are key.





We need to talk.jpg

4.  We Need to Talk – Fantastic read.  Both great information and writing style.  If you at all care about those you speak with and are not a complete narcissist I would suggest reading this one.  What to expect:

Conversation is a Survival Skill, Communication and Conversation are not the same, You can’t outsmart a bad conversation, Set the stage, Some Conversations are harder than others, Be there or go elsewhere, It’s not the same, Get off the soapbox, Keep it short, No repeats, That’s a great question, You can’t know everything, Stay out of the weeds, Travel together, Listen!, Sometimes we shouldn’t talk.  I will be pulling out the good stuff for blogging eventually.


100 Days


5.  100 Days in the Secret Place this little book was amazing and I used it as a devotional.  I will be returning to this often and cycle it in routinely. The book has letters and writings from these masters of prayer and selflessness.  So much to learn and apply which is why it needs to be read many times to continue the growth.  For me anyway.  Check out just one of the letters and judge for yourself.




warrior kid.jpg


6. Way of the Warrior Kid is a must read for any kid and any parent that wants to give the gift (yes it is a gift) of discipline to their child MUST get them this book and read it together.  If they refuse to read the audiobook on this is fantastically read by Jocko and a child does the child’s voice.  I picked this one up because I think Jocko and his Navy Seal bred discipline is addicting to me.  I love disciple and I love his direct get after it attitude.






7.  Fool’s Errand: Time to End the War in Afghanistan This next book up is going to be more of a read and require focus like no other as Scott Horton is a pure genius when it comes to foreign policy and affairs.  So I am done and this is full of so much important info that the majority is not aware of.  I would suggest this to all history classes, but the truth is not good for the govt and that means public schools will hide it.  The Afghan war is the longest in history and we already spent over 1 trillion dollars on a war the leaders know cannot be won.  There is nothing to win in the first place.



Depths of Jesus


8.  Experiencing the Depths of Jesus Christ      This is a must-read for any true Christian.  The way is not hard but does require serious sacrifice.  In the whole of existence, there is no higher calling, no better use of our time than to adhere to the simple directions found within this one.






art of war


8.5.  The Complete Art of War is my current read.  First time reading but now that I dig into I have seen so much of this before.  I would suggest this be read once a year to reinforce these time-tested principles.

I did not complete all of this one and will not include it in my total.  Not in the right headspace, but a good read for the purpose of strategy.  I got through most of it, but the version I have includes various other writings and could not stay focused.




Quote Book.jpg



10.  Quotable – 20 Years of Black & White great read that should be checked out once a year.  I enjoyed this book thoroughly and it was lent to me by a great neighbor.
Case for Faith


11. The Case for Faith is one of the best books I have ever read.  After reading I also grabbed the audiobook to listen on the go. It is one of the rare books that I plan on reading annually until the messages and the information become burnt into my mind and soul.  5 Stars here.








12.  Tactics is without questions a wonderfully written book that brings it.  Regardless of faith using these tactics will help you in many situations.  I have joined a group of friends that plan on practicing these methods and studying the book deeper to ensure we can retain the message, method, and TACTICS.








13. Practicing His Presence is so good.  this is the second time reading this one in the last year.  It is something I will continue to return to and enjoy.  I would suggest this to anyone wanting to strengthen their faith.




walking time



14.  Walking Time Bomb is a great personal story from a wonderful man that I met at church.   He has had a crazy life but God saw him through it all.  I feel much closer to him now knowing his story and I would suggest we all write our own stories to pass down to our kids and down and down to keep a great family history.





how will


15. How Will You Measure Your Life? is perfectly written and the content is on point.  The issue will be, do you have what it takes? The discipline and the conviction of something bigger than yourself takes a lot that most simply do not have inside.  We have become weak as a people.  I know why do you?








16.  The Mask of Masculinity What a great book on how to recognize and fight against all the masks we put on in attempts to protect ourselves.  I will definitely read this one again.  Lewis has a podcast as well if you are interested in following him closely.  A good read for both men and women to better understand the way men behave.







Can we be good


17.  Can We Be Good Without God? What an amazing book and defense for objective morality and for God being the responsible creator of morality.  It is written in such a fun and interesting way that you don’t want to put the book down.  Yet another book to be an annual read.






Seeking Allah


18.  This is top 3 material right here.  The book was loaned to me and I will certainly be buying and reading this again.  Super powerful testimony and opened my eyes to the Islam faith.   Befriend first with honesty and being authentic and then you can determine what makes a non-believer think what they do.  Also look to help, never attack.





19.  Why Jesus?: Rediscovering His Truth in an Age of Mass Marketed Spirituality  First book by Ravi and I will be sure to review as I did not have the focus needed during the intake.

20.  All the Places to Go … How Will You Know?  Really interesting take on opportunities and doors that come into our lives and how to approach them.

21.  The Case for Christ – Lee does it again, or for me anyway again as I read Case for Faith first, but this was a home run.  Many of the questions that I did not have good evidence or arguments for I now do.  I really like the conclusion chapter as it makes it easy to share with others to put the stone in their shoe.

22.  LEAN Change Management Another great book and will be a reference I return to often until I master these principles.

23.  Living Water awesome book on the gifts from the Holy Spirit and the man behind the Calvary Chapel.  Great read.  At times I disagree, but overall full of love and good thoughts.

24.  Next Generation Leader: 5 Essentials for Those Who Will Shape the Future I enjoyed this and will reference it again in the future for sure.

25. Bible, first time I ever read this straight through.



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