07/22/2017 – The Current Me

Yesterday, Friday the 21st of July, marked the end of the first week in my new role.  To say it was a bit of culture shock would be a gross understatement.  Coming from a 4 billion plus global industry giant to an up and coming 4 million dollar start-up environment was nothing I was prepared for.  I honestly do not think it is something I could have been prepared for.  Kind of one of those things you have to be in it to really understand or appreciate what comes with a strong history and strong bank accounts.

I was under the impression that lead gen was on lock and the resources we would need were taken care of.  And for the most part they are, but we have a long road to hoe.  I am super excited to be a part of making a start-up style company blossom.  It’s not as if the business was started yesterday and we have no clients, but it’s a few years old and was in desperate need of fresh eyes to really kick start the growth in the US market.  At times during my first week I was doubting myself.  Even yesterday when I hit another wall and realized that 6 hours had passed and I hadn’t moved from my seat, pounding away on linkedIn and re-writing some of the copy for the team…I got caught up in a whirlwind.

Last night as I am talking through my day with someone in my circle of influence it all turned around.  Or at least the inner dialogue and perspective made a necessary and drastic shift.  I turned my attention away from the things that were not right or were in need of attention and help towards what opportunities and challenges were ahead that would make me a stronger person and more valuable resource.  I am blessed to have the chance to make big things happen for not just myself but for the entire team.  I always knew, even in my last role, that I could raise the whole ship so to speak based on my walk and my talk.  Motivating the team and showing them better ways to attack the work, getting them to focus through the lens of the prospects and clients as well as through the lens of the CEO help to craft a more meaningful message that can resonate with all.

As busy as this new challenge will have me I do plan to write weekly to provide lessons and challenges for the simple fact that I will need an outlet.  I can use any and all support and comments or suggestions along the way.  And who know, perhaps in 2 years time I will have enough material to write a book on jumping in head first into the unknown and coming out on the other side a champion.

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Grateful Christian. Anything you enjoy here please give the glory and thanks to God, all writing is Spirit led.

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