07/16/2017 – New Beginnings

Apologies for the long lapse in my writing.  In the last month I have made big decisions to move on from a job to start my own business.  I was super focused and in short ime setup an LLC and was working on my business plan and goto market strategies when I reached out to an old friend to see if he could be my supply into a team of developers for the services I wanted to sell and offer.  We had a discussion and decided why have one more name in the hat of potential vendors?  I thought to myself and perhaps due to the friendship or the overwhelming amount of work that lay in front of me I decided that this made a lot of sense.  From there I connected with the CEO of Feuji who was given my name from my friend who works for/with him.  We started a conversation which took me by surprise as he was vacationing in India and was attending meditation retreats.  I am convinced now that the universe is listening and opening doors for me as I had just began my own routines and practices of meditation within the last few months.  I was also taken aback based on there being no previous desire or posting for the role I was pursuing.  These conversations led us to connect in person when the CEO returned from travels at their HQ in Irving Texas.  The result of all of this was acceptance of an offer I made to him to come on full time which I start tomorrow.

I am very excited for this new challenge, but know that the strength of the team with the leadership of our coach will result in many wins.  It will provide me a true team where I can accelerate my learning and where I can finally be rewarded for my efforts, hard work, and dedication.

Never get in your own way from chasing what you want or think will make you happy. Every story I read or hear of success starts and is centered on the belief in oneself partnered with the drive and dedication to making the dream come true.  There is no substitute for hard work, there is no easy way as John Wooden put it.

Check us out and reach out to me if you are in need or any of our services or would like to hear more about what we can do for you or someone you know.  We are in the business of helping.  Feuji

Published by HearUsJesus

Grateful Christian. Anything you enjoy here please give the glory and thanks to God, all writing is Spirit led.

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