06/09/2017 – Do Not Underestimate The Power of a Mentor

I had an amazing phone call today with someone I consider as a mentor.  It is a relationship that spawned from a professional connection while he was with a consultancy that was helping me with salesforce projects and process improvements.  From day one working with this gentleman I knew he was special.  Our relationship grew as we worked on and completed projects over the years.  While we never met in person I felt as if we were long lost friends.  The ease of conversation and patience he displayed when working with me (a super extreme high expectation having mad man) was incredible to say the least.  We have since moved on to different roles and companies, but to this day I lean on him to guide me and be a sounding board.  I am so humbled and grateful to have met him and I am shocked that he continues to answer my texts and calls even though it is a constant state of asking and never a giving scenario on my part.  I wish it was otherwise, but many times with the mentee / mentor relationship there is not much to give your mentor other than thanks, acknowledgement, and praise for all the help they give us as the mentees.    I would certainly not be where I am today if not for this man and I am hopeful that those of you reading this will thank your mentors and think about taking on someone to mentor yourself.  This life is all about making a positive impact, and helping someone else is the greatest way I can think of to improve the lives of others.  We are in this world together, like it or not, so make a difference and be the change you want to see in the world.  Thanks for all you have done for me David.  I cherish our relationship in a way you could not possibly ever know, but this is a taste.

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Grateful Christian. Anything you enjoy here please give the glory and thanks to God, all writing is Spirit led.

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