05/24/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 14 (Final Day)

This is the last day of my gratitude challenge but I do not plan on stop being grateful…I simple won’t be using this platform to record and journal my every day reflections.  For this final entry I was going to write only about my gratitude for mothers, but on my way into work I realize I am actually grateful for everything.  That might sound ridiculous, but when I was soul searching in the car I realized that there is something to be learned in all things.  Why many times it is hard to remove the emotion tied to the events, the events themselves have something to teach us.   I have learned so much in the last 30 days alone.  From seeing loved ones losing loved ones, from constantly challenging myself to search for deeper meaning, trying to accomplish so much in so little time.  I feel like perhaps I was finally awoken to the world around me.  I wish I could have experienced this at a younger age.  If only we could control our timelines.  If I had this thirst for knowledge and self improvement in my high school years my life would have taken a drastically different path.  But that is the case with every choice we make, if you believe in free will, and as we continue on our path we must stay focused on what is and will serve us most fully.  Question everyday what it is that we want.  What is are true calling.  By asking these questions and being mindful the answers will come, but we must be patient.  Thanks to all of you that have touched my life.  I am eternally grateful for all of the experiences to date and welcome those to come.  Peace in abundance.

So my original entry was going to be on mothers.  I am so amazed by this relationship and when I drop my expectations of what the relationship should be to my mind I can see it for its true beauty.  It is the definition of love, at least the worldly definition of love.  I see this not only in my own mother, but in almost all mothers I encounter.  Please show appreciation not only to your mother but all who play this role.  It is not an easy one and demands so much, yet they continue on with love, joy, compassion, and a true sense of giving.  Nobody is perfect, but if we are giving out first place ribbons mine is reserved for my mother.

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Grateful Christian. Anything you enjoy here please give the glory and thanks to God, all writing is Spirit led.

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