05/20/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 10

My gratitude journal is getting more difficult as the days progress and perhaps that is the point.  Anything is easy if you only need to do it once or a few times.  It is the routine and creating of a new habit that takes the real effort.  Yesterday I went to a wake, which is plenty of reason alone to be grateful that I have another day.  Sadly the wake was for a co-workers younger son, 32 I believe, and this co-worker is like my office mother.  She is nothing but light, love, and joy.  When I embraced her at the funeral home I wept, and I lost control of my emotions as I felt the sorrow of this loss.  I suppose I am grateful that I can be there for someone else.  I like to give and to help someone that is in a moment of need.  It puts things into perspective for me which I all to often lose sight of.  The exercise for today will be to give and judge nothing that occurs.  These are part of my morning meditation with Deepak.  Give & Judge Nothing That Occurs

If you need a reset I suggest giving this 11 minute guided meditation a shot with an open heart and mind.  Peace in abundance!

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Grateful Christian. Anything you enjoy here please give the glory and thanks to God, all writing is Spirit led.

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