05/12/2017 – Gratitude Challenge Day 2

For my second day reflection I want to focus my gratitude on health.  I am so thankful that I wake up every morning to see a new day.  I am grateful that when I do wake it is not in a state of pain.  I feel young and energetic and sure perhaps that is because I am, but I do my best not to take that for granted.  I try to eat right and exercise six days a week and I believe if I did not I would not feel as good as I do.  Health is my primary value as without health and energy you really cannot take care of the other important things in your life.  It is never too late to adjust your habits and become more aware of your choices and the impact they are having on your health.  Peace and abundance to us all.

Published by HearUsJesus

Grateful Christian. Anything you enjoy here please give the glory and thanks to God, all writing is Spirit led.

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