05/07/2017 – If You Spot It You Got It…

Wow what a revelation,

All the things that I get upset about in others are things I am seeing that I am guilty of myself more than I know.  Being impatient, not cleaning up after yourself, judging, poor communication, etc.  I did not realize until I heard the phase that is also the title of this one.  If you spot it, you got it.  I heard this for the first time yesterday from Christine Hassler and it is so true.  Thanks so much to my wife for helping point out my double standards and contradictions.  I get so lost in my own head and stresses and self sabotaging negative inner dialogue that I lose touch with reality.  If I have hurt anyone reading this I am sorry.  If you have been guilty of this I suggest offering up apologies to those you have hurt.

spot it

I have hurt myself with this, my wife, kids, mother and step father…all of which are so far beyond the term good and I loss track of that.  I have been guilty of doing this to co-workers and friends as well.  And I can’t thank all of them enough for trying to work through my short comings.  I am so grateful for all those in my life because they practice forgiveness and compassion so much better than I have been able to.  Tomorrow is a new day and I will be making my efforts to stop this and appreciate and communicate with the people in my life.

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