04/25/2017 – Emitting Foul Odors in Public

I think one of the most contemptible offenses someone can commit is going into public smelling like a construction site porta potty.  It is not that I lack sympathy for those with medical conditions, living in poverty, or, that for reasons outside their control cannot maintain good personal hygiene.   But for all of the rest of you, shame shame.  I am sure as soon as the public shaming of the stinky becomes common place it will be treated in the same way as fat shaming.  I believe fat and odor to be two very different things as to their impact on the public at large.  I could spend time on the fat issue on another post, but I feel that topic has been kicked around enough by others.

Back to the focus…

kids smell

I was informed by my son that “the stinky kid” is in his classroom and it creates an environment that makes learning and concentrating very difficult.  Apparently this youngster does not have a condition and is not living in poverty.  The explanation provided to me on the subject is that he simply does not LIKE to shower.   I find this explanation lacking and while I have no way of knowing for sure I would like to think this is just a reason the other kids have come up with to cope with the odor.  Knowing the why in most cases helps dramatically with the compassion that is needed to deal with hard situations.  I will be playing detective in the coming weeks to see what information I can gather to better understand this case, but it probably will not solve for the stinky co-worker scenario.

work stink

Do you have a co-worker that is in constant need of a tic-tac?  Perhaps the body odor is out of control?  What do we do when faced with such stank?  I find it as hard to talk about with someone as collecting money that I have lent out.  Both put all the pressure on the perceived innocent at the expense of protecting feelings.  I say no more!  Feelings be damned.  I will be taking a stand, humbly and gently, against what I see as a violation. I hope we can start a movement of helping these violators understand the impact they are having on the rest of us.  Perhaps they need our help.  I am more than willing to supply some deodorant, soap, or a tic-tac to those in need…but let’s not pretend everything is good when it is not.



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