05/01/2017 – Week in Review

  • Monday – Work, My birthday…  Glove with Justin, new workout plan, Dinner salmon…ice cream 😦
    • Not a bad Monday in the least.  Worst part of the day was failing on my diet and going in on the ice cream…wth it was a birthday after all.  Not much else going on to mention.  Took in all my regular podcasts and studies of economics, history, and Spanish.    Got my step son Justin a new baseball mitt which is pretty cool.  Totally red and super soft.  Not even the need to break the thing in.
  • Tuesday – Reset, refocus, looking to take more action towards the needs.
    • Rain all day and colder than normal which coupled with the stresses of the current landscape stole all my energy.  I can at least recognize this and work towards improvement.  I did day 2 of the new exercise plan.  Ate salmon for lunch and chicken meatballs for dinner…but blew that diet with some ice cream and a small piece of cheesecake, left over from my birthday…I didn’t have any cake on my birthday so I can consider this a pass.  I am seeing a trend here with the sugar addiction.  Must create a more compelling reason to avoid it.  I get weak and stress and give in to it.
  • Wednesday – Reset, refocus, looking to take more action towards the needs.
    • Great lunch(fish and Turkey) … hindsight, I think this lunch led to me getting sick on Thursday.  Still got to the gym and was a great day.  If you are interested in my gym plan I am following what I posted here – Gym Plan
  • Thursday – Sick Day…spent all day trying to crush my ANTS
    • Stay in your head, you’re dead – T. Robbins
    • Home sick led to way too much time focusing on the wrong things and not taking action towards the things that will actually serve me.  The rest of this day is a fog.  No gym. Will consider this day a failure, although after a brief talk with my good friend Nick I got refocused.  Do not hesitate to reach out to your support team when in trouble!
  • Friday – More of the same
    • Got to the gym, did some yard work and enjoyed the warm day.
  • Saturday – Relaxing day, Gym, Motorcycle ride, and regroup.  Sold my mountain bike for a super cheap price but to a super nice guy.  Was not providing me any value just sitting there.
  • Sunday – Spent the day reading and with family in NYC and S.Bronx.
    • Not a bad day either, but got smacked in the face with a stress/energy dump around 3:30 in the afternoon.  Failed at the diet in the evening and crashed early to get prepare for the new week…it is going to be another busy/hectic and possibly life changing week ahead.  Check in next week for a more interesting read on how I overcame some challenges and did my best not to self-sabotage (a current weakness).

Overall grade for the week C-

More of Jim Kwik – He has been on a podcast tour apparently.  It is funny how the group of podcasts I am into have the same guests rotate between them.

Be interested more than interesting.

  • M.O.M.
    • Motivation
    • Observation
    • Mechanics, the recipe

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