01/23/2017 – Thoughts on Division of Labour

Definition from Wikipedia – “The division of labour is the separation of tasks in any economic system so that participants may specialize. Individuals, organizations, and nations are endowed with or acquire specialized capabilities and either form combinations or trade to take advantage of the capabilities of others in addition to their own.”  While this definition is true, I think that it is being spun in an overly positive direction.  “Take advantage of” is of particular interest and where my focus will be on today’s observation.

I often think about how the have’s view their engagements with the have not’s.  My experience in professional settings is that the have’s look down on the have not’s and for the most part do so unconsciously.  An example of an experience I encounter frequently…  Upper management is working on a project.  They (the have’s) bring in the help and assistance of one of their employees (the have not’s).  Then together, they work on the project and discuss openly the ideas and desired outcome of the project.  Before they know it, lunchtime is upon them.  Upper management acknowledges the time and calls for a break.  They discuss what they should do for lunch and decide on going to the local deli.  This takes place in front of the employee as if the employee is suddenly invisible.  They all go to lunch, Upper management in one direction and the employee in the other.  After lunch, they all join back up and continue on the project.  Does it not occur to anyone else that perhaps an invite to the employee would be beneficial?  To continue to discuss and create an environment where all are respected?  I think the benefits of removing the division of labour in this scenario far outweigh any negative consequences.

I believe if we took the time to think about how we are interacting with one another we could improve morale for all.  It comes across to many I question about this scenario that management looks at the employee as nothing more than a pencil or pen (commodity).  They feel like they are simply another tool in the box.  You will never get someone to give them all if you approach them with this mindset.  And what is possibly worse, management has no idea and is unaware of how they are coming across.  There is fear of retaliation if the employee is to bring it up with human resources or with management directly.  Not to sound like a snowflake but in the spirit of getting more out of someone and making the best possible environment for the growth of the company.

Something to think about possibly the next time we find ourselves in these situations.

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