01/20/2017 – Thoughts on Double Standards

Why is it that we hold a standard for others and yet we fail to hold ourselves to it?  This question crosses my mind daily when I see people doing things, acting in ways, or saying something they would attack if done by someone else.  The whole do unto others philosophy goes right out the window.  While I am not innocent of these situations or occurrences, I certainly try to learn from and improve upon the experiences.

My desire is to figure out a way to communicate these double standards to others when I see them in a positive way.  Is it best to be blunt and call a spade a spade or should we take the approach of asking questions that will shine a light on the double standard.  I have to assume it is not going to be a one size fits all approach, but I do think it is important to expose and educate when you notice a double standard taking place.

A few of the major ones I see daily would include:

  • How we drive – tailgate others.  Do we want people to drive like that behind us?  I doubt it.
  • The way we speak to one another.
  • Expecting people to drop what they are doing when want their attention.

The list could go on forever.  I will be doing my part to notice when I am failing and work to correct it, be more aware.  Also, to share with others when I notice it in them.  If we all make an effort we can make life much more enjoyable and limit the expectations not being met.  I guess like most problems, communication is at the root.  An obvious solution is to lower expectations, but I rather work towards lifting others up to the expectation.



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