01/12/2017 – Thoughts on Coaching

Have you ever wondered why …?

I had this thought on my way into the office today, “Why do so many of our goals fail to materialize?”  As I thought deeper on this subject I realized it was obviously more than a single reason behind this pattern of failure.  There is the problem of a  lacking will power, dedication, and motivation for many.  But there is also at times, a lack of skill.  As I continued to ponder, it hit me.  We lack the proper coaching or have none at all.

Once we get past the problem of getting started or taking the first step how often do we eventually give up or fall back into our old ways?  For most it happens far more frequently than we would like.  I would be willing to make a bet that a common factor in these failures is a lack of coaching.   We start a diet, but how many of us are nutritionists?  We start to exercise, but who among us are certified trainers?  And even if you are a certified trainer, it is not possible to see your full form in a squat without filming yourself and reviewing the problems in your form or technique.   My point that I fear I am belaboring is we all need a little help, i.e. a coach.

Sure we can all achieve our goals if we stick to it, but the time it takes to achieve a goal or desired outcome can drastically be reduced with the help of a good coach.  We all need coaching, every great athlete and most successful CEO’s or our political leaders have or continue to have a coach in their lives.  It is not enough to roll out an initiative with a single exposure to the goal.  All talk, no walk right?  Want to improve on your 3 point shots, foul shots, or lose some weight or learn sometime new like a language?  You need someone that has mastered these things to watch you and coach you where you need it along the way or you will never get where you are going or it will take you so much longer to get where you want to be.

In the business world I see this more than I would like and attribute the failures to a lack of coaching, training, and follow up.  When we put forth a new strategy, we do not train and coach the workforce to ensure success.  We explain what we want the result to be, but leave the employee to figure out the how.  I believe that with coaching anything is possible.  If you need change in any area of your life, seek out a great coach.

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