11/14/2016 – The Flip & The Flop

Donald Trump’s First Interview Since Winning The Election: Key Highlights And Full Transcript

I am somewhat shocked and perhaps that is my fault for believing Trump would follow through on the main points of his campaign.  Deciding that all of the sudden the Clinton’s are “good people” is what made me realize this guy is not going to do anything we needed him to do to stop the corruption and criminal activity in our government.  Running on the platform that they are criminals, which they are, and now deciding to let it go is not something I can tolerate.  It feeds the protesters more fuel to add to the fire.  Trump also makes the statement that he condemns harassment of minorities?  Why does the word minorities need to be in that statement?  Should not we condemn harassment in any form it takes?

I have lost any hope I had that Trump would shake up the government and get them closer to honesty and following the constitution.  I did not vote for him, but that is not important.  What is important to me is that these paper politicians hold to their principles which I would have to assume are based in growing their bank accounts or status of power.

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