10/22/2016 – John Wooden…Where Have I Been?

So I was introduced to John Wooden and his greatness on a Tony Robbins podcast that played an older interview Tony had with John.  To say I was amazed would not do it justice.  This humble old man was spitting out profound knowledge that captivated me immediately.  To be honest, it is nothing I haven’t heard before, but the delivery and tone left me wanting more.

So first thing I did today was check out his TED talk.  Another great speech.  This one focused primarily on the difference between Winning and Success.  I am all in now.  I have been this way before after going to Tony Robbins events or reading some good material that opens the mind to new ways of thinking, but I really feel the need to stay the course.  I have printed out the John Wooden pyramid of success and plan on making reviewing it a daily habit.

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