10/14/2016 – Toys vs. Taxes!

To steal a phrase, “You want to know what really chaps my ass?” Todays answer would be taxes.

I live in NJ which is the worst state in many categories when it comes to taxes.  I only live here for work and want to get out of the state ASAP.  I see about half of my income sucked out by payroll based taxes and then another 11K a year on property tax .  When I think about all the great toys I could have if not for these expenses, I get enraged.

I would love to have a nice new motorcycle and it could be no problem if even just one year of property tax was suspended.  And to think where this money is actually going…  I do realize the public school system is great considering the student to teacher ratios, but it is still public education.  Good for nothing aside from spreading propaganda and misleading history.  Economics that have gotten us into these hard times we find ourselves in.  Making sure everyone feels like a winner when that is by definition impossible.

I am not sure how to fix these things, but from listening to Tom Woods and others of like mind make me feel like the homeschooling approach is so much better than the public school systems.  One day at a time, as I continue to learn and research I am hopeful to find ways to make a difference…no matter how small.

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Grateful Christian. Anything you enjoy here please give the glory and thanks to God, all writing is Spirit led.

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